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The work of a poet, a muslim of the 13th century would have inspired Beyoncé and Jay-Z for the choice of given names of their twins.

First there was the rumor that the twins of Beyoncé and Jay-Z prénommaient Shawn and Bea, in reference to the first names of the parents ; and then a few days of silence quick to feed a little more in the machine fantasy, and finally the official announcement : the girl and the boy of the couple, the more powerful the music industry is prénomment Rumi and Sir.


Twins born on the 12th of June last whose identity was revealed by the american website TMZ who got the information through official documents of the corporation of the couple in charge of their image. Documents that explained but not the why of such names. On the other hand we knew quite quickly that Beyoncé and Jay-Z had filed the names Rumi and Sir Carter to ensure their commercial use exclusive. An approach also undertaken in the beginning of the year in order to legally secure the name of their five year old daughter Blue Ivy.


Remains that we still did not know why such names were chosen for their twins. And the answer has obviously been answered through the web ; many are, in fact, the internet users to be put in the head to find the origin. Rumi would be a tribute to Djalâl ad-Din Rumi, a spiritual master, a jurist, scholar and theologian of Persian of the 13th century, recognized as the greatest mystic poet of islam, and one of the most famous sufis, the founder of the ceremony of the sama ‘ of the mevlevi dervishes.


Known to be The poet of mystical Love, which he defends in his towards a spirituality based on the beauty, the art, the music, the dance and the love of the other, any other. Sir, would as to him referring to one of these poems. Djalâl ad-Din Rumi that comes to achieve for the first time to the ears of the american stars. The website of the Huffington Post reminds that, currently in Hollywood, David Franzoni is busy writing a script to adapt for the cinema the life of Rumi ; the screenwriter who said last year that the poet was ” a kind of Shakespeare “. To note that Madonna and Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay, have also contributed to make known this character through readings of poems.

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