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The new album from rapper Jay-Z marks a turning point in his career : it has been revealed in the intimacy of his family with Beyoncé. In a video, it comes back to the infidelity, which nearly cost them their marriage.

Jay-Z unveils a new facet in his lyrics poignant. While in Smile, the title of her new album, 4 :44, released in June of last year, he spoke of homosexuality hidden for a long time by his mother, he pours on his marriage problems : those that have failed to separate from the love of her life, Beyoncé, ” the best of women , “as he explains it, to which he gave three kids ; Blue Ivy the first in 2012 at New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital, and twin brothers, born, there is little. In a mini documentary called The story of O. J, in which he wants to ” kill his ego “, as he told IheartMedia, he tells do not always have been honest with his wife. She had talked about a little earlier when exiting an album poignantly titled Lemonade.

Jay-Z provides will be a lot wanted following his tomperie, thinking through the consequences on her children. And, in particular, how the little Blue, with which it is very an accomplice, the would look. All the more that this happened during its 9th year of marriage with Queen B, as specified in The Sun.If my children knew, I don’t know what I would do. If they do look at me as before, I could probably die of shame. What have you done ? With who ? What good would it send you into a threesome when you have a soul sister, you would put all that in danger for Blue ? , raps does he have on his album.

During the documentary, he said that Beyoncé and him are eventually left to go back to zero to save their marriage, which was celebrated in 2008. We had arrived at a point where we had to say D‘accord, break everything and start it all over from the beginning… It is the most difficult thing I’ve ever done . All is said. Therefore, there will be more lies in the home of the two artists. The test seems to have strengthened their relationship today.


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