BlackBerry: A successful return to Canada with KEYONE

Techno 31 May, 2017

BlackBerry is successfully betting. The Canadian brand thus signs a triumphant return to its native country thanks to KEYONE.
We had to wait, but BlackBerry is back! No one would have bet on the success of the Canadian brand a few years ago. Since the presentation of the iPhone in 2007 – soon 10 years -, the bad news had multiplied for the former telecom giant. The latter had even been obliged to announce its withdrawal from the world of smartphones in September 2016. Its partnership with the Asian manufacturer TCL begins to bear fruit. The binomial presented to the Mobile World Congress the famous BlackBerry KEYONE, thought by the Canadian and manufactured by the Chinese. A phone that has seduced observers and is experiencing a beginning of success among consumers . In Canada, pre-orders are reaching record highs .
Canadian operator Rogers has been selling BlackBerry phones since 1999, more than 18 years. The KEYONE – even though it is not even available – has just broken a record. It is already the mobile most sold by the company in all its history. The latter was impressed by the number of recorded pre-orders. Some customers also begin to receive the smartphone at home a few days before its official release. Will it be a success in France? The BlackBerry KEYONE will be launched tomorrow, June 1st, in our country, from 599 €. We were quite impressed by the terminal during our handling , especially by the keyboard-touch couple. A successful phone, and BlackBerry is back in the smartphone game .