BlackBerry: After the KEYONE, tablets and clothes connected?

Techno 17 April, 2017

BlackBerry wants to extend its business beyond the simple market of smartphones. Other products such as shelves or connected clothing are currently being studied.
Since December 2016, Blackberry has teamed up with the Chinese group TCL for the design of its smartphones. A return was made at the beginning of 2017 with the arrival of the BlackBerry KEYONE in Europe . Good news for the Canadian firm which has experienced a difficult period in recent years with the rise of Apple and Samsung. The turning point was taken and now the projects are multiplying. Beyond the smartphone market reinvested, BlackBerry wants to go further in high-tech by tackling other products. The CEO of Waterloo firm John Chen sees big and would be willing to offer new connected devices.
The first of these would be a tablet. BlackBerry had released one in the past in 2011, the RIM BlackBerry Playbook which had obtained 4 stars out of 5 among our colleagues of Les Numériques . But as the latter recall, the market for tablets is down with 20% less sales in the year 2016. BlackBerry wants above all to put forward its expertise in data security. This is the reason why John Chen sees further talking about connected clothing but also medical devices. On this last point, it would help health teams to protect medical information from potential hackers. Note that owners of BlackBerry smartphones benefit from the ” App Privacy Shade dissuading the eyes of the curious. The BlackBerry and TCL project is ambitious, it will have to be watched carefully.