BlackBerry KEYone: 4 shells to pamper and protect your smartphone

Techno 4 July, 2017

If the BlackBerry KEYone is a very original smartphone, it still remains a fragile device. So, to help protect your new BB KEYone, meltyStyle has tested a selection of protective shells.

The BlackBerry KEYONE may sound very solid at first glance, but do not fool yourself. Like all smartphones, the BlackBerry and TCL terminal needs to be equipped with a protective shell. To help protect your smartphone without taking your head off, meltyStyle has tried several special KEYone shells. Well, it was less fun than the test of this smartphone that signs the return of the fabulous physical keyboard but we were still able to find real nuggets. And here are the best shells to protect a KEYONE according to the editorial.

Official hull

This special BlackBerry KEYone shell fits like a glove. Its effect in relief offers the “toy” of BlackBerry / TCL a true sophisticated side. In addition to this aesthetic asset, it is quite effective since it allows access to all keys or functions of the smartphone. Very light, this official shell will protect your smartphone against scratches and falls. To shopper it, it is by HERE that it happens!
Wallet Case

This imitation leather case has everything to please. In addition to offering excellent protection, it will offer you the opportunity to store your credit cards, pass navigo. In short, this cover is ideal to have the bare minimum on oneself. Nice and nice to the touch, the cover of Olixar can also be transformed into system of viewing. And the icing on the cake, you can get it right now.
Shock-proof shell

Designed specifically for the KEYONE that feeds with its keyboard that can do anything, this shell of Olixar is probably the one that will protect the most your smartphone. Robust in gel, this shell provides excellent protection against damage. Its raised edges protect the KEYONE even when the phone screen is on the floor. Very effective, this hull benefits from a soft price (-7 euros), here.
Leather Case

Handmade by Noreve, this leather case is the most appreciated by the editorial staff. It will bring to your smartphone more class and offer you a better grip. Both fine and padded, this shell can protect your terminal oklm. To shopper, it is necessary to make a turn around here!