BlackBerry KEYONE: Is his keyboard really interesting? I tested it and here is my verdict!

Techno 31 May, 2017

It’s been several days since I tested the BlackBerry KEYONE whose great originality is a physical QWERTY keyboard. Is the keyboard really effective for writing long texts? Here is my verdict!
The BlackBerry KEYone continues to delight me. This smartphone that I test for a small week throws. Equipped with a full QWERTY physical keyboard, the KEYONE is the most original of the smartphones that I could test. This is the only smartphone that currently offers a real physical keyboard. If the KEYONE camera fails well in front of the Huawei P10 , its keyboard is very effective . Thanks to a lot of features, you can do everything with the keyboard. So much so that one has the impression that the side keys are limit unnecessary.
If the keys of the QWERTY keyboard are small enough, I had no trouble finding them without making any typo . Certainly, I needed a little time to adapt to write faster but it became natural after a few minutes. I’ve just laid this article on the KEYONE and it’s really cool. The most skeptical will say that the physical keyboard is less fast than a virtual keyboard, but that of the KEYONE still offers much more sensations. And then on a conventional smartphone, the virtual keyboard automatically takes up space on the touchscreen. While on this KEYONE, one can enjoy the entire screen . And that’s priceless.