BlackBerry KEYONE: Its autonomy is better than that of Huawei P10 and OnePlus 3T

Techno 5 June, 2017

The BlackBerry KEYONE continues to delight us. In addition to having a very effective physical keyboard, the TCL smartphone has a battery even more powerful than the Huawei P10 and OnePlus 3T.
I’ve been testing the BlackBerry KEYone for a week, and every day that God does, I learn new tricks on this smartphone with unique technology. If you managed to shoot the KEYONE, you will be happy to find these 3 tricks that will allow you to do everything with its physical keyboard . If it is equipped with only one Snapdrgon 625 and 3 GB of RAM, the BlackBerry KEYONE also has other advantages. Moreover, its battery is more powerful than that of the Huawei P10 and OnePlus 3T, nothing but that !
Equipped with a 3,505 mAh battery, the KEYONE has one of the best autonomy on the market . The BlackBerry KEYone easily exceeds two days in normal or even intense use (receiving incoming calls, sending instant messages and reading e-mails). If its camera is modest compared to that of the Huawei P10, its battery is more powerful than that of the Chinese smartphone. While games reduced from 10 to 18% the level of the battery per hour on Keyone , these apps are driving down the battery by about 25% per hour on the OnePlus 3T and Huawei P10 . So, you gonna shopper what smartphone?