BlackBerry KEYONE: The smartphone will come out later than expected, it’s now certain!

Techno 3 April, 2017

The BlackBerry KEYone will not be released in April as originally planned. To be able to shopper it, we must wait (at least) until May.
Among all the announcements that took place during the MWC, some were particularly noticed …. This is the case of the BlackBerry KEYONE, whose design and features were welcomed . You were also seduced by the device and you are now looking forward to the shopper? Bad news, its release has just been postponed by a few weeks. While it was to be marketed in April, the smartphone of TCL Communication will not finally point its hull before the month of May . It was the CEO of BlackBerry in person who explained it, and there is no doubt about that. It will take a little longer than expected to test its Azerty keyboard and its many features.
“We have just launched with our partners two phones, the first one in Indonesia is already shipped, but the second that TCL announced at the Mobile World Congress, which has a physical keyboard and runs on Android 7, will not be shipped before I think the production will start at the end of April, the product is ready, but we will have to wait at least until May ” , announced the CEO of the brand, as Phonandroid relayed . It’s a bit frustrating, but not sure if the people concerned are slowed down … With its 4.5-inch screen, its Snapdragon 625 coupled with 3 GB of RAM, its 3505 mAh battery and its 12-megapixel rear sensor , The BlackBerry KEYone that has just been certified by the FCC has many assets to highlight . See you in May! Disappointed by this news?