BlackBerry KEYone: The strengths and weaknesses of the smartphone with the physical keyboard

Techno 12 June, 2017

The BlackBerry KEYone is a smartphone that celebrates the famous return of the physical keyboard. Far from being perfect, it is nevertheless one of the most original terminals of the market. Here are its strengths and weaknesses.
In terms of performance and photo level, the Blackberry KEYONE is not the best smartphone of 2017 . But on the other hand, it is the most original device of the year. Its physical keyboard which is also tactile allows to do almost everything, and its well-designed design facilitates the grasp of the device. Finally, its simple and fluid interface improves the user experience (read our complete KEYone test for more information ). But if we found so many good points to this smartphone to the point of falling in love, we can also find him a lot of defects.
At 599 euros, the BlackBerry KEYONE is expensive paid. But here, the novelty or rather the originality has a fairly high price which can represent a real brake on the purchase. Another black point, the photo side that is not yet at the top. And at 599 euros, we expect better performance, although we must admit that the Snapdragon 625 still meets the needs of users. If you’re nostalgic for Blackberry and the physical keyboard, it’s the smartphone you need . If you’re tired of the lack of originality and innovation in the smartphone market, it’s also the phone you need. You can shopper it around here.