BlackBerry: Towards decreasing revenue in the second quarter of 2017?

Techno 8 May, 2017

According to specialized analysts, BlackBerry is expected to experience a decline in its sales figures for the second quarter of 2017. And the forecast is very negative.
BlackBerry has several hot folders going on. The first concerns his smartphone KEYONE whose output is pushed back constantly . For now, difficult to see clearly on the expected launch of the device. Only BlackBerry knows the answer and will give it to us on time. For other files, the firm plans on increasing the security of our data or on new high-tech devices. Zacks, based in Chicago, USA, specializes in forecasting the economic performance of large companies. The latter was interested in those of BlackBerry and its forecast is not reassuring for the Canadian firm.
According to Zacks, BlackBerry sales figures for the second quarter of 2017 would be $ 264 million with a pessimistic balance at $ 246 million and optimistic at $ 298 million. Whatever the scenario, this would be a negative result for BlackBerry. Last year for the same quarter, the company had a sales figure of $ 400 million . As a result, the decline would reach 34% . In the first quarter of this year, BlackBerry announced revenues equivalent to $ 297 million, Sports Perspectives said . The next quarterly report is due by 22 June.