Bloc québécois: Martine Ouellet will submit to a vote of confidence

News 19 March, 2018

    QMI agency

    Monday, march 19, 2018 11:02

    Monday, march 19, 2018 11:06

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    OTTAWA | Contested by the majority of members of his party, the Bloc quebecois leader Martine Ouellet has agreed to submit to a confidence vote which will be held at the next general council of the training on the 29th of April in Drummondville.

    The militants would be asked to vote on two questions “referendum”, that is, on the relevance of the focus of the Block on the sovereignty, an issue that is already planned, and on the leadership of Ms. Ouellet. The bodies of the national office and of the general council, however, must give their approval in order for this vote to take place at the general council.

    “This will allow us to make the tour of the whole of the question that it lives since the crisis, both in terms of the question of the mission of the Bloc québécois, which has really been called into question by the resigning and the other part of the vote of confidence,” said the chief at a press conference in Ottawa,

    “This will allow us to have the pulse of members,” said Ms. Ouellet, who judge that the bar of 50 % + 1 will be enough to stay in place.

    At the beginning of march, 7 of the 10 members of the Bloc have resigned with a bang, declaring that it was impossible for them to work with Martine Ouellet.

    The one that also sits in the national Assembly as a member of the parti québecois, however, refused to give up her seat.

    This conflict is particularly exacerbated by the fact that the chief wants to focus the interventions of the deputies on the sovereignty, while the majority of the elected representatives of the Block believe that it is necessary to have a broader approach focusing on the defence of Québec’s interests.