Bloomberg has released the “Handbook of pessimistic” forecasts for the next 10 years

News 20 December, 2017

Bloomberg has released its annual “Handbook of the pessimist” with provocative forecasts for the next 10 years. World offer 8 grim scenarios.


1st script read Donald Trump the 2nd term of the United States. Facebook kill fake news says the 2nd scenario. Social networks will not cope with bots, truth and lies merge.

In the 3rd scenario, the bitcoin amid cyber attacks on banks will rise to $40 million, then to $1 million by replacing other currencies. The banking system is collapsing, Central banks use the blockchain and give money on his hands.

In the 4th scenario, the rocket, Kim Jong-UN will fall next to the United States, and trump does not answer. The leader of North Korea will kill a heart attack in 2019, the nuclear program will diminish. China and the United States will take over Taiwan, Japan will become a nuclear power.

Also the head of Britain Theresa may can replace the socialist Jeremy Corbyn, he will bring down the economy of the country. Old people in Europe will become more than the young. China will dry up the river, it will limit trade with Russia and the United States. The boom of electric cars will depreciate the oil from the collapse of the Russian Federation will hold only Elvira.