Boldin drops the football

Sport 22 August, 2017

Photo: Jaime Germano Associated Press
Boldin leaves the football to the point where it ranks in the top 4 among the recipients of passes.

Orchard Park, N. Y. — A racial conflict and murder in Charlottesville, Virginia, has led to Anquan Boldin to review its priorities and to announce his retirement after a career of 14 seasons in the national football League.


In a radio interview Monday, the winger spaced of the Buffalo Bills said he was “uncomfortable” with the division that prevails in the United States, and he wants to now devote all his energies to humanitarian causes and related to the criminal justice system.


“I’ve always thought that football would be my passion, my way to many avenues, he said. But to see everything that has happened over the last seven days, I believe that there is something more important than football at this particular moment. “


He then clarified that he was referring specifically to the events of August 13, in Charlottesville, when a counter-protester and two police officers were killed at a rally bringing together neo-nazis and members of right-wing groups.


“I think I can solve all the problems that we know of in this country ? Of course not, he himself answered. But I believe I have a duty to stand and hear my voice, to speak for those who have no voice. “


Elected man of the year Walter Payton in 2015, Boldin oversees the Foundation’s Q81, located in the south of Florida, which provides educational supports to the underprivileged children. He became an advocate of a reform of the criminal justice system since his cousin was killed by a plainclothes policeman, along a highway in Florida in October 2015.


Boldin gave this interview a day after abruptly informed the Bills that he was retiring two weeks after having signed a contract for one season at a base salary of 1.75 million.


The athlete, 36-year-old has assured that his decision has nothing to do with the exchange of the receiver Sammy Watkins on August 11, nor with the ineffectiveness of the attack of the Bills in a defeat 20-16 against the Philadelphia Eagles in a tough game on Thursday evening.


He also rejected the hypothesis according to which it could review its decision, later in the season, to join a training head.


“I think I can still play ? Of course ! My passion for the outreach work surpasses the football at the moment, so I will not to grow with a team that could aspire to great honors. I’m finished with football. “


His only regret, was admitted Boldin, it’s of have the feeling that he let down his teammates and coaches while he was committed to help the team and to act as a mentor for the young recipients of the Bills. “This is not an easy thing to leave when you know that players were looking forward to working with you and count on you,” admitted Boldin, naming the half offensive LeSean McCoy and quarterback Tyrod Taylor.


Boldin leaves the football to the point where it ranks in the top 4 among the recipients of passes assets with 1076 caught, gains of 13 779 by air and 82 touchdowns.


He has managed eight major in sixteen games with the Detroit Lions last year.