Booster high chairs for children

News 2 March, 2018
  • QMI agency

    Friday, 2 march 2018, 04:03

    Friday, 2 march 2018, 04:03

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    OTTAWA – high-chairs six in a brand Graco Children’s, are the subject of a recall due to a risk of falling.

    “The back legs of the high chair can rotate and render the latter unstable, which presents a fall hazard to the child sitting,” said Health Canada in a press release.

    The recall involves the high chairs six-in-one “Table2TableMC” of the brand Graco Children’s, bearing the model number 2013805 and the CUP 047406146475, shown on the label glued to the seat.

    These high chairs convert from six different ways, including high chair, traditional, booster seat, chair for young children and table.

    Approximately 3200 recalled products were sold in Canada between April and December 2017 in stores Babies “R” Us.

    As of February 21, 2018, no incidents or injuries had been reported to the company on the part of consumers.

    However, in the United States, 38 incidents where the rear leg has rotated and five have caused bumps and bruises to the child when the chair fell have been reported.