Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern Munich preview, prediction: live stream

Sport 19 November, 2016

borussia-dortmund-vs-bayern-munichBorussia Dortmund vs Bayern Munich live streaming free
“Borussia” D – “Bavaria”: the tournament in the tournament.
Borussia Dortmund – Bayern Munich. Forecast for the match of the Bundesliga (19.11.2016).

“Bavaria” and “Borussia” D significantly higher than the class of the other clubs. And their derby should not be considered in relation to the entire Bundesliga. These fights – a kind of “tournament in the tournament.”
Germany. Bundesliga. 11 th round. “Borussia” D – “Bavaria”
November 19, 2016, 20-30 GMT

“Borussia” D

Dortmund played widely and boldly. Three points – only, minimum objective. The problem-maximum – in the box “to win a clear advantage.” Sometimes excesses occur on this difficult path – the defeat of the “Leipzig” and “Bayer”, rejecting “Borussia” in fifth place. But over time, all will be settled, and “black-yellow” is traditionally placed under the “Bavaria”.

“Bavaria” Ancelotti started modestly than usual. An equal number of points with the debutant of “Leipzig” speaks eloquently about this. The first third of the season reveals a new side of the club titled: is “Bavaria” could easily score “Ingolstadt” and “Bavaria” is not always TB (2,5). But, as is the case with Dortmund and time heals “Leipzig” with “Hoffenheim” fall off like dried dirt from shoes, and the champion may become early “German car”.


For the German championship for a long time the reputation of effective, but matches “Borussia” and “Bavaria” – this is another Germany, where every ball counts. So in the last ten bouts, including Bundesliga, Cup and Super Cup of the country in five cases slaughter 2 or 3 goals. Perhaps today the rate on it will be optimal.

Odds BK PariMatch:
Dortmund – 3.40
Draw – 3.60
Bayern – 2.22

Prediction: the total is 2 or 3 goals

Ratio: 2.05

Size rate: 5% of the bank