Bose SoundLink Revolve: The 3 highlights of the 360 degree Bluetooth speaker!

Techno 5 July, 2017

With its new SoundLink Revolve, Bose has delighted our ears (and evenings). Here are the 3 highlights of the Bluetooth speaker!

After impressing us with its SoundLink Mini, Bose decided to revolutionize the speakers 360 degrees. Its new toy, the Revolve, diffuses sound uniformly, to the dismay of its competitors (UE Boom 2 in particular). In the editing, we were impressed by the test of this Bluetooth speaker. Compact, practical and very effective, the Bose SoundLink Revolve can easily fill an entire apartment. And here are the three highlights of this enclosure that make it a must-have for a summer in music.

Technical sheet muscled

The Bose Revolve offers, on paper, an autonomy of 12 hours. In practice and at moderate volume, the speaker can send non-stop sound for 18 hours! And thanks to the NFC, the pairing is done in a natural way. It is enough to approach its smartphone of the speaker so that the whole is paired. Otherwise, voice prompts can make it easier for you to configure the speaker. Apart from that, the loudspeaker can also be attached to a universal tripod, which is really nice when you want to organize a little party between friends. And the result is just wow: the sound is on the same level for different people in the apartment or room in question.

A functional enclosure

With a microphone, the new Bose speaker can also be used for hands-free calls. And that’s pretty practical. The icing on the cake, you can actually amplify the sound by pairing two Revolve via the application Bose Connect. This app also removes voice prompts including the famous “Battery Low, please recharge it” which was taken over by Damso in several of its tracks. Effective due to its cylindrical design, the SoundLinK Revolve also sends pate.
From the heavy to its

The sound quality of this speaker is undoubtedly one of its main assets. From the first use, I realized that bass was cool and that the bass was powerful. Soon, the Revolve is one of the best Bluetooth speakers on the market. Whether indoors or outdoors, this speaker provides an excellent musical ambiance. If you want to shoot the new Bose speaker, it’s HERE!