“Boss” feel pregnant leading buttocks during the interview : In the World : Vladim

News 16 March, 2018

Leading from Britain Helen Skelton complained to the participant of the world championship 2014 Darts Ross Montgomery, nicknamed “the Boss”. The man allegedly molested a pregnant journalist live.


Helen Skelton interviewed Montgomery, she raised his face to the microphone, and he began to feel her buttocks, but in the frame of this process was not hit from the side it looked decent. The woman was then at an early stage of pregnancy and did not want to make a scene. Negative emotions can badly affect the baby, which was waiting for leading. According to Skelton, in a society missed to put yourself in unpleasant person. All want to coexist peacefully, and if anyone dares to make public the problems will fall on him a lot of criticism.

Skelton was discouraged similar behavior of a “Boss” but couldn’t do anything about it, so they prefer to remain silent, although close friends noticed her nervousness. Montgomery denied all the accusations. According to the participant of world championship Darts, he didn’t harass the lead, but just a friendly way slapped her on the buttocks. Montgomery has an airtight alibi is his wife, who at the time of the interview was behind him and saw everything.