Botched work: Luc Ferrandez sounds the alarm

News 16 November, 2016

The proliferation of shoddy paving work carried out under the Montreal program planing and coating (PCPR) pushes the Leader of the Official Opposition, Luc Ferrandez , to sound the ‘alarm. “In one week on the Plateau, there were three projects related to the PCPR have been botched. Two of these projects have resulted in broken sewer pipes, the other required the intervention of the Inspector General. The work conducted under this program are not made to last because they do not solve anything substantive issues. Montrealers pay more for sites that drag on unnecessarily, it’s outrageous, “said the mayor of the Plateau Mont-Royal .

Work leveling and coating performed on the streets De Gaspé and Mont-Royal , last weekend, led to two main break. “The contractor has a new asphalt layer on outdated pipe at the corner of Avenue du Mont-Royal and Franchère, which blew it. The paving had just been redone and the street had to be reopened. A similar situation occurred at the site of De Gaspé when preparation work led to the failure of another pipe. Not only do these works have made the situation worse, but they forced the city to pay double time to employees to manage breakage. To say that Montrealers do not for money is an understatement. Such a program can only exacerbate the cynicism of Montrealers who already have enough of potholes and work that is still to start, “said Luc Ferrandez .

botched work, stopped by the Inspector General

Last Wednesday, Luc Ferrandez has filed a complaint to the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) to halt a construction site paving sloppy. The work that has been done on the Avenue du Parc-La Fontaine alike in all respects to those that the Inspector General has suspended last year in Montreal-Nord and Anjou . “I saw a cracked concrete slab and imposing de potholes that have just disappeared under a new layer of asphalt. In a year or two nest-holes and crevices will return and work will begin again. We throw the money out the window “denounced Luc Ferrandez .

The BIG is presented on the site the next day problematic to analyze the situation. “I want to thank the Inspector General for its diligence. We shall leave conduct its inquiry and look forward to its conclusions, “said Luc Ferrandez .

Meanwhile, the Plateau Mont-Royal Mayor asks the City of Montreal routinely dispatch inspectors on construction sites and leveling coating. “One would think that with the report of the BIG filed in September 2015 which led to the suspension of contracts in Montreal-Nord and Anjou , work related to the PCPR were followed scrupulously. We see instead that the mayor Denis Coderre wants to act quickly in the elections and that he preferred tabletter the report rather than follow its recommendations. We demand that from now there is an inspector on every site paving of the City of Montreal, “concluded Luc Ferrandez .

For the report of the Office of the Inspector General on the suspension of contract for the work of street leveling, laying asphalt and reconstruction of curbs and sidewalks (PCPR) in the boroughs of Montreal North and ‘ Anjou , click here: .