Boxes of food aid sold on the social networks

News 2 March, 2018
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    Friday, 2 march 2018, 16:18

    Friday, 2 march 2018, 16:22

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    Aid agencies in food assistance Sherbrooke are stunned after finding that beneficiaries re-sell them on the internet of the food that was given.

    It would not be an isolated case and a number of agencies from Sherbrooke to denounce the situation.

    Citizens have also noticed that the donation boxes were sold on the social networks.

    A box containing cereal, oatmeal, potato chips, mayonnaise is sold for$ 25 by people who have obtained free of charge.

    The sum does not exceed the actual value of the food, but the practice is, however, raising an eyebrow.

    For community-based organizations, we are sorry to see that the donations, received at the pick-ups of the Holidays, but also Easter, are sold.

    “People give, and then you get a basket, you “revires” edge, and you resell it… If you need money, there are organizations that can give you a hand. There is a package of resources. Sell it on social media… Not strong,” laments Denis Fortier, the Fondation Rock-Guertin.

    Thousands of families in need who have recourse to it each year to the Fondation Rock Guertin.

    For baskets of hope, each request for assistance is evaluated by a team of seven people.

    In other time, the alliance between the Foundation and the CLSC of the region allows to avoid that too many people use the generosity of people.