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Then we lent them many adventures these past few months, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, newly divorced, do not seem ready to make room for new people in their lives.

The most glamorous couple of Hollywood has separated in the fall of 2016, trying to reconstruct the daily round of their six children. If Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have no plans to get back together, it seems that it is not still begin to see other people.

Indeed, an anonymous source confided to Hollywood Life : ” Angelina and Brad are focused on their children. They will have no interest to start a new relationship at this time. Brad is also focused on his sobriety and his new-found passion for sculpture, so his spirit is not free to meet someone at this time “

The well-being of the six children seems to be the priority of Angelina Jolie that doesn’t compromise on family outings and has recently bought a mansion near the residence of Brad Pitt so that he can enjoy his visits. ” The separation of their parents was a very difficult time for their children, and Brad and Angelina want to make that easier for them so they don’t want to introduce a third person in their entourage “.

In addition, the two stars are still struggling to digest the failure of their relationship of more than 12 years of age : ” they thought They were seriously that they would be together forever, that they were soulmates (…) They are currently taking time for reflection “.

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