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Techno 5 August, 2017


While Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie seemed to finally have found a common ground since their divorce, stormy, in September 2016, the war between the ex starts again. In question ? The ouster of Brad Pitt on the anniversary of her son Maddox.

The torment continues for Angelina Jolie. Just a few days after the controversial Vanity Fair, who is accused of abusing underprivileged children during the casting of his next film, the star of Tomb Raider is now facing the wrath of her ex-husband. Brad Pitt is, indeed, very unhappy not to have been invited to the anniversary of their son Maddox. All the more that the young boy, born in Cambodia, famous, August 5, its 16 years old. Age is very important in the United States, which gives rise to large celebrations.

Like all young people his age, Maddox will not escape the tradition. Angelina Jolie has it all planned. With the exception, perhaps, of inviting his father. An omission that is unacceptable for Brad Pitt who was able to reconnect with his older brother. A source close to the actor is entrusted on the subject at the site HollywoodLife. “He is angry because he will miss the first large family event since the divorce. He does his best to fulfill the desires of Angelina about the children, that is why it really hurt”. Obviously he would have even tried to fix the situation with his ex-wife. “Despite his plea, Angie will not put side their differences, leaving the past behind her in order to get together with Brad and the children. (…) This will not happen. This anniversary will be just for Brad another way of remembering that his family will never be the same.” A day all the more heartbreaking that last may, he was already excluded from the anniversary of Shiloh, held at Disneyland. If Brad Pitt, dad attentive, had probably planned a surprise for his son, “they all know both that this will not be the same,” concludes the source.

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