Breeding in Korea: dogs saved from slaughter are arriving to Victoriaville

News 14 December, 2017
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    On Thursday 14 December 2017 15:49

    On Thursday 14 December 2017 15:49

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    Twenty of the rescued dogs in Korea, which were destined to be slaughtered and eaten, arrived in Victoriaville in the beginning of the week.

    In total, 170 animals have been rescued from a breeding farm of Korea by the Humane Society International. Of the lot, 46 were sent to Canada. They were examined by vets in Toronto before being sent to societies of protection of animals.

    The Victoriaville has received a score, because it had the staff and space to accommodate them.

    “When I was offered to accommodate dogs of Korea, I said, “Wow !”, has mentioned in an interview with TVA News the general director of the SPA of Arthabaska, Marie-Josée Roy. We offer this Christmas gift to dogs who come from elsewhere and that one has the privilege of being able to help out here in Victoriaville.”

    The dogs are currently in a quarantine zone. Some are easy to approach, others less so. However, according to Ms. Roy, this fear of the man should go away with time.

    “With these dogs, there were real miracles, expresses she. Dogs do not keep the bitterness of man to have been mistreated. Often, our rescues, it’s been good dogs.”

    These are the dogs to whom luck has smiled will not be up for adoption in a few weeks, the time that they receive the necessary care. Some have teething problems, others from malnutrition or foot problems.

    Many animal lovers have already expressed their interest to host these beasts to the course so special.


    – According to the information of Isabelle Dorais