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Entertainment, Techno 6 July, 2017


Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron to introduce little by little their habits at the Elysee palace. The First lady is modernizing the furniture and re-think the menu. Fish and crustaceans : the key to their line is impeccable.

Since Emmanuel and Bridget Macron became president and First lady of France, everything is redesigned at the Elysee palace. Brigitte Macron was able to find his place, to take possession of the premises, to install his apartment, build a team. Discreet but very involved, the First lady has modernized the furniture of the palace to cheer up her new place of work, and that of her husband. Everything has been redesigned, including their diet.

Despite the multiple dinners of State official, Brigitte Macron refuses the great tralalas. In this summer, it receives its guests in the garden, on a large wooden table. The presidential couple, in good Touquettois, loves grilled fish and seafood. This free diet fat them to keep in a neat row.

If Brigitte Macron is so much to talk about it with her outfits, she impresses as much with its online. It owes its silhouette slender to a lifestyle beyond reproach. The former French professor makes the bike all day, ends up rarely his glasses of wine, limit his consumption of meat, preferring fruits and vegetables. A healthy mind in a healthy body.

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