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Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron particularly liked The Lantern, the residence of the Republic, to the shelter of the glances. It is here that Nicolas Sarkozy but also François Hollande received their loved ones to the shelter of the glances.

Emmanuel Macron warned : its been like that from the government and parliamentarians will be studious. We will not, therefore, the presidential couple exposing themselves on the beach of Brégançon. Since 2014, the fort no longer serves as a base of retreat and a summer at the head of the State. François Hollande has preferred not to open to visitors. The Macron it will be difficult to take refuge in their house in le Touquet, too exposed in the great shopping street of the seaside city, and few easy to secure.

The flag of the Lantern, set on the domain of Versailles, they will more than likely drop-off point to find some respite in the torpor of summer, as it has been the last few weekends. The girls of Brigitte Macron have taken the habit to join their mother, with their respective families. While each member of the clan knows it is now known, this place has the merit of being immune to the gaze. Behind the large hedges of trees, a tennis court and a swimming pool of 19 m x 10 m brighten this place ever open to the public, which sheltered the loves of Malraux and where took place the wedding party and the wedding night of Carla and Nicolas Sarkozy. It is also here that Valérie Trierweiler came to rest after the revelation of the binding of François Hollande and Julie Gayet. A cozy nest… and so secret.

Photo credits : Jacques Witt/SIPA

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