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Entertainment, Techno 16 July, 2017


If Brigitte Bardot was and remains an icon of cinema and French music, known for its positions engaged in politics, and for the right of animals, amorous passion, she hides some dark connected with his family.

Brigitte Bardot was 82 years of age, a son, two granddaughters and a great-grand-child. Yet she has never hidden have never had any real connection with his family. Having given up custody of his son, Nicolas, who was raised by his father, Jacques Charrier, the sex symbol says in his autobiography ” Initials B. B. “, published by Grasset in 1996 It was like a tumor that had nourished me, that I had carried in my flesh bruised, not waiting for the blessed moment where it would free me finally. The nightmare reached its climax, it was necessary that I take to life the object of my unhappiness”. After the release, Nicolas Charrier brings a complaint against his parent for injury to the intimate, intra-uterine.

Just after the birth of her baby, she will sayI don’t care, I don’t want to see”. Harsh words, assumed, released that will mark forever the division between the star and his son who spoke to him more since the release of sulphur book.

She confides in 2014 with Laurent Delahousse for her program one day, One destiny : “My little children, I have never seen them. They do not speak French”.

The one who saw his life marked by the many love stories, the scene and the city, will eventually be sparsely expressed on her family, she has always been so far, perhaps sadly because it has so little to say.

Brigitte Bardot

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