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Brigitte Macron has launched a plan autism on Wednesday 6 July. A cause that is particularly close to heart, one of his students, Domitille Cauet, has a child struck by these developmental disorders.

When she was a teacher, Brigitte Macron was very much appreciated by his students. A lot of them, starting with the president of the Republic, succumbed to his charisma. Today First lady, Brigitte Macron, always as an educator and sympathetic, wants to focus on a cause that is particularly close to my heart : autism. This Wednesday, July 6, she received at her husband’s side, of autistic children and their parents at the Elysée. Objective : to launch the consultation around the fourth plan autism.

The associations that carry this fight are familiar with Brigitte Macron. The First lady is aware of the issue for months. And dyears of his entourage, a young woman has a boy touched by autism. It is one of her former students, Domitille Cauet. His son, Paul, is struck by these developmental disorders. During the presidential campaign, the young woman has re-established contact with Brigitte Macron to raise awareness about his struggle. Our colleagues from Vanity Fair, the young woman unveiled the sms that has been sent to Brigitte Macron : “ Dear Brigitte. I would first like to say that I am appreciative of your commitment to both. In the framework of this project that Emmanuel built for France, I would like to expose you to the special situation of people with autism in our country, the real scandal in the health, social, human. It is a battle that I am conducting for the past seven years since my son Paul has autism spectrum disorder. I dare not imagine what a whirlwind you are currently in but if it was possible to see to tell you… ” Brigitte Macron had immediately replied to his former pupil.

Today at the Elysée palace, the First lady who takes little by little its trade marks, is described as discreet and acting with a lot of restraint. A charter specifying its responsibilities to be accurate would have been drafted. The possibility for the ex-teacher to become involved in this struggle-without, however, encroaching on the flat-bands of the ministers in charge of this file.

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