Brigitte Macron : his granddaughters very excited at the idea that she is the godmother of the baby panda – Gala

Techno 5 August, 2017


It’s official, Brigitte Macron has agreed to be the godmother of the baby panda, born at the zoo of Beauval in the night from Friday to Saturday. A role of first choice in how his little girls will be able to boast in the playground.

The tradition would want that Brigitte Macron and the wife of the chinese president should choose the first name of the baby panda and that they become the godmothers. Coup de theatre, it would seem that the first mission to return fully to Peng Liyuan. But our first lady is not in rest because it is solely of an honorary title. She will have the privilege of hosting a formal ceremony, the date will be known shortly. A sort of good fairy to Mini Yuan Zi, so named in reference to his father and to his mother, waiting for the instructions in chinese.

If Brigitte Macron has expressed pleasure in his new position, coming into contact today with the director of the Beauval zoo, these little girls, they are being overstimulated says Le Figaro. Understandably, not all children who can boast of having a panda in the family. What do envious !

Grand-mother hen, the wife of the president wishes to give an important place to his family. There is no doubt that she will accompany gladly the girls meet this newcomer out of the ordinary. It has, moreover, entrusted to us will be made several times to the Beauval zoo and having seen the parents of the little animal.

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