Brigitte Macron: How she puts her popularity to the service of her husband, the Gala

Entertainment, Techno 16 July, 2017

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During the presidential campaign, Emmanuel Macron has repeatedly said that he wanted a status and a legitimacy for the first lady. It has proved itself already more than essential.

Became president of the Republic, he reiterated these statements in favour of the status, but it is Brigitte Macron itself is charming and natural in the political landscape. Yes, it is indeed indispensable, and it intends to stay. A position that seems to have convinced the French and visitors abroad.

The Express reports that it has become so essential that the International planning Committee (IOC) in charge of the allocation of the next olympic games has imposed the presence of Brigitte Macron to defend the candidacy of the capital. So she made the move with her husband to Lausanne and taught at the same time that Paris had won the games.

The one whose comments are widely held has a strength and a power non-negligible impact on the policy of her husband and an influence on international actors. Even if his status is still in the process of reflection, Pierre-Olivier Costa, director of the firm argues that it will be explained as clearly as possible to the French what it does, how and why”. The first lady who does not want to be trapped in the Elysium, already has a team, a bureau, and will soon have a budget for its activities.

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