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Entertainment, Techno 19 July, 2017

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While the president of the Republic Emmanuel Macron wants to ban the use of family jobs to the National Assembly, the formalization of the status of his wife annoys.

Members of parliament from all political sides, right, left as well as left-wing, rebel against what they believe to be an inconsistency of the president of the Republic, and an injustice : if they banned the use of employment of the members of the family, why Brigitte Macron, his wife, would she be entitled to a specific status ?

The side of the republicans, it is the mp Thierry Mariani, who attack on the social network Twitter : ” do as I say, not as I do! “. The socialist member Luc Carvounas on Sud Radio – Public Senate was surprised : “I do not see why the wife of the head of the State would have a budget of public money. It is telling us that it was necessary to recruit hundreds of directors at the Meeting to check all our receipts, and we will allocate a budget to the wife of the head of the State, I’m not okay.” While the untameable Eric Coquerel, asks on Twitter : “Brigitte Macron would therefore be a collaborator. However, we will ban mps from employing family?

This is the first time that the president of the Republic ends up in a rain of attacks also widespread among mps. And yet his positions are not a surprise, since he had announced during the campaign that he wanted a real status and a budget for the first lady. Brigitte Macron is already an asset serious in the policy of her husband, even if its fields of action are still thinking.

At the same time it does prohibit the “family jobs” in Parliament…do as I say,not as I do!

— Thierry MARIANI ن (@ThierryMARIANI) July 17, 2017

. @brigitteMacron2 would therefore be a collaborator.However, we will ban mps from employing family?

— Eric Coquerel (@ericcoquerel) 18 July 2017Brigitte TrogneuxEmmanuel Macron

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