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Entertainment, Techno 19 July, 2017

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The magazine Current Values devotes a folder to Brigitte Macron and reveals in its pages a good astonishing anecdote about the first lady.

We don’t discover today that Bridget Macron, a former professor of letters, has a certain influence on the president of the Republic of husband, Emmanuel Macron. The one who claimed during the campaign to want to give them a status and a budget to the first lady prepares to keep his promise. In the meantime, Brigitte Macron is the best asset of her husband, and an undeniable influence of the shadow.

But if it is the charm and the kindness of the first lady, seducing the French, the media and celebrities from around the world, the magazine Current Values tells, in the folder that is dedicated to him today, a story that seems to be a little slice with the image of softness of Brigitte Macron.

In fact, in the Italian restaurant where she would have been celebrated his 64th birthday, on the 13th of April last, Brigitte Macron would have been exasperated by the presence of paparazzi. It will have immediately asked the security officers to react. And those would be distant threats… by drawing their service weapons.

A method to hosea but which had the merit of being effective. It is better not to annoy the first lady… or take pictures without his permission.

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