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Entertainment, Techno 13 July, 2017

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Melania Trump will be visiting Paris with her husband for two days. Accompanied by Brigitte Macron, the first lady will visit the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris. The two women will then do a small boat tour on the Seine.

Donald Trump and his wife Melania are visiting Paris, on the occasion of the 14 July parade. The american president has been invited by Emmanuel Macron to celebrate the centenary of the commitment of american soldiers in the Great war. The american couple is expected this Thursday, the 13th of July in the afternoon. They will be welcomed at the Hotel National des Invalides in 15: 30. The two heads of State will be talking together and then will hold a press conference.

Melania Trump and Brigitte Macron will have a separate program. Melania Trump would have wanted to visit many museums including the musée d’orsay, according to an information from our colleagues ofEurope 1, but there was a problem : the american secret services, which ensure the protection of the first lady, would have demanded that the places of visit are completely emptied. A request denied by the French.

Finally, the two women make their way to the cathedral Notre-Dame of Paris, and Brigitte Macron and Melania Trump will visit Paris by private boat. They will make a 45 minutes horseback ride on the Seine. The first lady will be able to see several parisian monuments. Melania Trump will return then to the hotel to rest and prepare for dinner. Couples presidential would join then to the Eiffel Tower for dinner on the second floor, at the restaurant of Alain Ducasse, the Jules Verne.

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