British 20 year old drank a coke to prove its safety : In the World : Vladim

News 11 February, 2018

Resident of Britain conducted an experiment regarding the influence of Coca Cola on the body. She drank the drink for 20 years to prove its security.


The Briton checked what might happen if 20 years of drinking coke. They used 30 cans of soda a day, which significantly exceeded the recommended medical standards. On average, every day she took one kilogram of sugar and 4170 calories. A week out of about 70 liters of drink, this amount is sufficient to fill a tub. In 20 years of the experiment, the woman had spent $ 70 000.

During all this time the Briton gained weight and the doctors diagnosed diabetes of the second type. The woman decided to enroll in the athlete room and removed from the diet coke. Now she wishes she spent her money on drink and not on other, more useful purpose.