British older priest gay divorced her young husband with parties

News 23 December, 2017

British 79-year-old priest was divorced and her husband parties. Earlier, the religious leader left the Church, sold the house in England moved to Romania, and it’s all because of tender feelings for the guy.


Information about it spread by the British media. In Romania, the priest bought a private dwelling. The chosen representative of the Church – a model, who is 20 years younger than him. Logological was alone in a foreign country, he doesn’t even have anyone to talk to and share your sadness. The young man led an active life, always went to parties, and an elderly man was at home. He could not master the Romanian language and was in a quandary.


In the end, the priest could not stand such a life and fled Home. There he settled in the annexe of his friend, and the house was given to her husband. The representative of the Church hoped that sooner or later in the UK on the legislative level, recognize marriages between representatives of sexual minorities.