Briton fined for two extra seconds in the Parking lot : In the World : Vladim

News 16 January, 2018

The unfortunate British woman named Amy Bendall got a ticket for exceeding the Parking time to 2 seconds. The amount of the fine was 100 pounds.


According to Amy, she always left the fitness club after the next workout, paid Parking space where her car had been five hours, and then went to his home. Four days later, on address girls received the receipt with the photo, where it was recorded that her vehicle had two extra second in the Parking space, for which she would pay a very tidy sum.

Despite the opportunity to reduce the amount of the fine by 40 percent in the case of its early repayment, the girl attempted to challenge this decision, what she managed to succeed. In its defense, the girl said that leaving the Park, it was delayed due to the formed queue, in what is not her fault. The Network users have admired the tenacity of a girl who is not afraid to go against the state system.