Bromont is always waiting for an envelope from Quebec

News 20 January, 2018
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    If the City does not meet 8,25 M$ by the 28 February, a part of the territory referred to will be used to build 27 houses.

    Antoine Lacroix

    Friday, 19 January 2018 21:42

    Friday, 19 January 2018 21:42

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    The mayor of Bromont, Cantons-de-l’est, is concerned about the lack of response from the provincial government to confirm a financial commitment that would allow the creation of a protected park of 150 hectares in natural environments.

    If the City does not meet the sum of 8.25 M$ by the 28 February, a part of the territory referred to as the “park Heights” will be used to build 27 homes by the owner of the land and the ski centre adjacent to Charles Désourdy.

    Photo courtesy, City of Bromont

    Louis Villeneuve, mayor of Bromont

    “The City of Bromont and its citizens have [contributed]. The City is committed to pay$ 2.75 M. A fundraising campaign in the community has raised more than$ 1 Million, a feat. Now, we are waiting for a “balance” of$ 2.5 Million which must come from Quebec, ” says Louis Villeneuve, mayor of Bromont.

    The nature conservancy of Canada (CNC), is participating in his side, injecting$ 1.5 Million into the project.

    “The project of the park of the Peaks of Bromont is essential and are of great ecological importance,” said Joël Bonin, director of philanthropy and major projects to CNC in Quebec.


    According to the agreement concluded in November 2016 with Mr. Désourdy, the deadline to raise the sum of 8.25 M$ was 31 December last year, then was postponed to 18 January due to practical reasons.

    Due to the lack of official response of Quebec, the elected officials voted Monday during a meeting of the council that the deadline be extended to February 28.

    It will then be impossible to add a new time period.

    “The government would not have acted in time and this would be for me a disaster. The park would be split in two and natural environments would disappear “, believes his side Bertrand Lussier, president of the environmental organization Protect Bromont.

    “it must be done “

    “It is at the request of officials that we have requested the extension of time limits,” said mayor, who has requested a meeting with the minister responsible for the Montérégie region, Lucie Charlebois. They are well aware that they have until the end of February to arrive with an envelope. It could be that the money would come from several departments, but it must be done. “

    To get this final period of time, the City has agreed to accelerate the payment of a deposit of 1.75 M$ in Bromont, mountain experiences, here on February 8.

    They will also issue construction permits for the eight houses that may come into force on the 1st of march, if Quebec does finally no contribution.