Brothers-the Swedes have created a gingerbread UFO

News 20 December, 2017

Brothers pastry, Swecker and Andre Fagbemi from Sweden was surprised by his culinary invention – a gingerbread house in the form of UFO.


Fagbemi are the lovers of culinary skill, despite the fact that their profession is not connected with cooking. One of the brothers is a truck driver, and the second engineer. All cakes created by the guys from the city of östersund, has a bizarre shape. Once they were baked figurines in the image of animals, cars, in this time the masterpiece was a UFO. The idea the creators worked since November.

Because such a large span of time, the house is no longer fit for human consumption. Although, as convincing the brothers that during baking, the dough had. Pastry chefs don’t expect to make money on their creations. Herbery want to inspire and motivate others, while they do not participate in competitions and projects. Young people take pastries to the camera to see the descendants. In the near future the brothers plan to create creations in Christmas theme.