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Entertainment, Techno 20 July, 2017

Minister of the economy

Bruno Le Maire, the minister of the economy Emmanuel Macron, has, it seems, desires of conquest. Has started, according to le Canard enchaîné, by the terrace of his office in Bercy that he wanted to privatize for an evening. A desire quickly swept up by the executive.

Bruno Le Maire, ex-support of François Fillon, has succeeded : he is now a minister and deputy on the label of the Republic in march. A daily charge, and each day that you imagine very long for Bruno Le Maire. Without a doubt impatient to take leave, the minister of the economy has clearly forgotten that the rules were the same for everyone. According to le Canard Enchaîné, 19 July, he would have indeed wished to privatize the terrace of the 7th floor of the ministry of the rue de Bercy. A terrace with a view “on the river Seine and the towers of Notre-Dame ” yet strictly reserved for the use of the minister. According to the satirical weekly, on the morning of 11 July,” bailiffs, butlers, and technicians of all kinds ” that have brought ” garden furniture in exotic wood “, but also ” tables, chairs, benches, armchairs, umbrellas, potted trees and rolls of turf. Anything to organize a friendly little evening in the summer. But Bruno Le Maire, was quickly reined in his momentum, and all the material is gone as quickly as it had arrived.

To justify this confusion, one of the collaborators of Bruno Le Maire, has on the contrary referred to the probity of his minister : “The refurbishment and redevelopment of the terrace has been endorsed prior to our arrival by the general secretariat of Bercy. When the minister knew, he immediately stopped the order and has requested the reimbursement of 3903 euros furniture”. Difficult to disentangle the true from the false in this case. Only certainty, no potted palms, and free sun loungers, the evening of the one who defines himself as a Greek god at the service of Jupiter has been cancelled. Life is tough outside of Olympus.


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Bruno Le Maire

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