Brutal revenge: Resident of Astana castrated lover for suspicious correspondence to : Crime news : Vladim

News 1 February, 2018

A brutal massacre of his beloved perpetrated resident of Astana. The reason for this was discovered by the jealous one correspondence in phone men, as well as a photo of another woman. Jealous one decided to castrate a young man.


Avenger did not act spontaneously, developed for this truly insidious plan that tricking a man into bed. Under the pretext intimate game, and she bound him with scarves. Initially, the victim was tied to the bed, and the woman began to beat her with an iron stick, and then introduced her lover sleeping.
When the beloved is lost, the girl he obkololi groin area anesthetics, grabbed the scalpel and began operations. The investigation later in detail described the entire process and, to put it mildly, for the faint of heart it is not intended.

«With a scalpel she began to make cuts in the left part of testicles. After a string tied around the spermatic cord and cut off left ovary, and the place of the incision sewed up with thread. After that, the same thing she did with her right ovary“- told local investigators, noting that the operation result is out of control and the man started to bleed, because the woman herself decided to take him to the hospital.

There she was arrested and taken to the station where she deeds confessed and is currently awaiting trial. The victim’s condition is currently specified.