Budget 2018: a distribution of candy “election”, according to the opposition

News 27 March, 2018
  • Photo Simon Clark
    Commenting on the budget Leitao, the spokesperson for the Parti québécois in the field of Finance, Nicolas Marceau, spoke of the finger of the liberals in Quebec.

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    Tuesday, 27 march 2018 20:54

    Tuesday, 27 march 2018 21:02

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    QUEBEC | The opposition has shot to red cannon balls on an “election budget” in which there is almost nothing for the portfolio of families.

    In the press conference, the spokesman of the Parti québécois (PQ) in the field of Finance, Nicolas Marceau, spoke of the finger of the liberals in Quebec. “We move from austerity to candy, to austerity”, he launched.

    Photo Simon Clark

    Nicolas Marceau, Parti quebecois

    “The revenues are smaller than expenditures, he noted. It’s called a deficit. This is because the government wanted to provide candy for the elections.”


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    Drawing up the balance sheet of the liberals, the chief caquiste François Legault is of the opinion that “for the past four years, the government has done two things: cut services and took the money in the portfolio of Quebecers.”

    “What the liberal government, it is a catch-up in the services. It is well. However, where there is almost nothing, it is for the portfolio of families, portfolio of Quebecers,” said Mr. Legault.

    Photo Stevens LeBlanc

    The leader of the CAQ, François Legault

    “We are left with a budget where the great forgotten, this is the portfolio of families […]. Philipe Couillard has preferred the portfolio of the doctors”, he added.

    “This is a budget end-of-regime that serves only to cling to power,” continued the caquiste François Bonnardel.

    Photo Stevens LeBlanc

    François Legault and François Bonnardel, the CAQ


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    The PQ, the CAQ and QS consider insufficient the efforts announced for tax fairness. The training sovereigntist believes that the inequity in tax remains. “There are gestures that are proposed in the taxation online […], but we are missing the boat so important to the physical goods that come from abroad. We continue to rely on the canadian customs which are notoriously inefficient and unable to pick up the taxes.”

    For his part, Mr. Bonnardel is estimated that with this budget, “it is actually little and this is not serious”.

    The solidarity Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois for its part, considers that “Mr. Leitao keeps a foot in the 20esiècle”, calling it the plan of the liberals of “half-measure”.


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