Budget Leitao 2018: the government Couillard wants to do away with the unreasonable time-limits within five years

News 28 March, 2018
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    The investment of$ 500 Million to modernize the justice system should reduce the amounts of paperwork in the palace.

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    The chief judge of the superior Court of Québec welcomes investment of $ 500 million provided for in the provincial budget in order to modernise the justice system and put an end to the long delays.

    Photo Chantal Poirier

    Jacques R. Fournier
    Chief justice

    “It’s been a long time that we had not seen it in Quebec. It is certain that computers can revolutionize the ways to make and reduce delays, ” said justice Jacques R. Fournier in an interview with the Newspaper.


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    The government announced Tuesday the investment of$ 500 Million over five years to modernise the justice system. Quebec wants its palace of justice to be able to take advantage of the “advanced technologies” to carry out their mission, which would mean the disappearance of the paper in the rooms of courtyard by 2023.

    Alternative Justice

    “This is a victory for justice. This sum will enable the citizens of the gains of time and money, but more importantly it will benefit from a better system of justice “, has for its part welcomed the president of the bar of Quebec, Paul-Matthieu Grondin.

    The government hopes that” no question is the subject of a stop of proceedings due to unreasonable delay ” to the end of its modernization plan, in 2023.

    In addition to the computerization of the judicial system, the liberals are planning to introduce measures of justice alternatives, allowing, for example, a person accused of a minor offense to avoid a criminal record by completing an alternative measure, such as community work.


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    Still work

    “The reduction of delays in criminal proceedings will help minimize the stress experienced by the victims and their loved ones, to feel safe and to turn the page more quickly to events painful,” argues the government.

    But even if we talk of modernization, the judge-in-chief Fournier also reminds us of the importance of investing in all the support staff of the courts.

    The president reminded his side that there is still work to be done, including the rehabilitation of infrastructure, the judiciary, eligibility for legal aid or access to justice for Aboriginal people.


    Two software

    The justice system will be able to count on the development of two new software, which will cost$ 72 Million over five years


    Will allow the Director of criminal and penal prosecutions to receive police evidence, and effectively manage electronic records as it parses

    DACOR 2.0

    Will make possible the establishment of the folder, correctional computerized, which will be used to relay information between the courthouse and the prison system


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