Bureau en gros in Saint-Eustache: they seep in through the roof to steal computers

News 21 December, 2017
  • Photo Dave Parent
    The investigators of the Town of Saint-Eustache were on site throughout the day Thursday to try to accumulate the indices.

    Dave Parent

    Thursday, December 21 2017 13:30

    On Thursday 21 December 2017 21:07

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    Professional thieves have managed to steal several electronic devices in threading their way through the roof of an Office at the big Basses-Laurentides.

    Employees of the trade of St. Eustatius had quite a surprise Thursday morning while returning to work. It was missing several computers, mobile phones, drones, projectors, etc, which have been stolen during the night.

    “We are trying to determine what was stolen, but it is known that a large amount of electronic equipment have disappeared,” explains Patrick Lamarre of the police Department of the City of Saint-Eustache.

    The robbers were very well organized, according to the police.

    They are mounted on the roof of the building on the boulevard André-Rescued before sneaking inside.

    It was not possible to determine Thursday what led they snuck.

    The alarm system was not triggered, leading to the police Department of the City of Saint-Eustache as it is professional thieves who knew what they were doing.


    “We can confirm that a theft took place at our branch Office in the wholesale of St-Eustache. It is a regrettable incident, but fortunately our associates are safe and accounted for “, was launched by way of a press release the chain Bureau en gros.

    As the alarm system has been neutralized, it is impossible to know at what time in the night the theft was committed.

    “Break and enter would be through the roof. We try to reconstruct the facts and to check with the surrounding businesses to see if they have surveillance cameras that could advance the investigation, ” added Mr. Lamarre.

    Trade closed

    A few days of Christmas, the customers were banging at closed doors, and especially the security perimeter erected by the police. A poster inviting customers to go to the Bureau en gros from the nearby town of Boisbriand.

    “We are working in this moment with the police. The branch remains closed. However, we hope to reopen as soon as this is reasonably possible “, explains the company, which prefers not to answer questions so as not to hinder the police investigation.

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