Burning cheeks, what is it? Signs by days of the week

Techno 14 February, 2018

2018-02-14 12:59

Burning cheeks, what is it? Signs by days of the week
You suddenly felt like you are burning cheeks and want to know why?

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You suddenly felt like you are burning cheeks and want to know why?

This is a normal phenomenon and interest. As the proverb says if a person burns a person, it means that about him someone remembers. Very often along with glowing cheeks start to burn ears, and this is a signal that someone is currently abusing you.

Sign of the “burning cheeks” in the nation and can be interpreted somewhat differently.

From different sources it became known that among some peoples such a sign shows that soon you will cry. However, this can be avoided. Enough to wash with Holy water, and tears will pass you by.

Let’s take a closer look at all the options interpretation of the signs.

Cheeks – people say

To understand who thinks about you, what they discuss, you can use the method, which has been preserved in folk traditions. It is simple. You just have a gold ring to hold on the burning cheek, tightly clutching the precious metal to the skin. Then on the trail that is left on the surface of the skin, look, what is the nature of rumors:

  • The dark line is an indication of the negative mood of others who maliciously gossip.
  • The red line indicates the usual meaningless gossip.
  • Light trail – speak only good.
  • Leave no trace – surrounding Express praise to your address.

This method is used not everywhere. Most people believe that her cheeks redden and burn only when the negative discussion. Other signs of people claim that calling the names of loved ones and acquaintances, you can find out who is currently talking about you. If not, they burn as usual. The name of the person, the fever will go down. If found out that you remember a bad word, and even the person you don’t trust, it is better to make a number of protective measures that the negativity did not stop. The easiest way is to wash Holy water. Then the bad signs that say burning cheek can cool tears won’t come true. Although even a simple guessing name of the one who curses will stop the negative consequences of his words. Experts say that: what is cheek burns, left or right, you can understand a lot. What’s burning left cheek Burning left cheek – a bad omen. This means that someone behind you is intriguing. Most unpleasant, that is often a sign points to close people or relatives. It is possible that the people you trusted turn against you and want to use your trust and innocence to their purposes. If you have a burning left cheek, you certainly don’t immediately run and deal with those who, in your opinion, can be set negative. Better not to give reason for conflict, not to succumb to provocations and make every effort to remain calm. It will take time, and the conspiracy of loved ones against you will reveal itself. What’s burning right cheek Burning right cheek – for good luck. This means that you think about your loved one, and his thoughts are very positive and kind. Probably in this moment he thinks about how to please you and how to treat you with care. If you have a burning cheek, but the second half you do not, then it is an occasion to reflect on the fact that you have a secret admirer. Most likely, he had dreams about you, but something prevents him to open up about his feelings. If you burn both cheeks If you burn both cheeks, much worse than if they burn separately. All the signs are reduced to one: both at the same time – ahead of trouble. Only tears through the trouble to cool down both cheeks. To a stranger to grief, it is advisable to rinse your face with cold Holy water. It is important to try to control their behavior and prevent conflict situations that can ruin your mood. Sign on days of the week This sign also has the interpretation of the days of the week.

Monday promises the emergence in your life a new man. You will find a new acquaintance or a meeting with an old acquaintance.

Tuesday – you will face a serious conflict, scandal or even fight.

Wednesday – promises fulfillment of all your plans. Can undertake activities wildest dreams. All your initiatives will be successful and will bring financial profit.

Thursday – get ready for the surprise. You will find an unexpected event that will bring pleasure and joy. As the saying goes “there would be no happiness, Yes the misfortune has helped”.

Friday – you will hear from relatives or the arrival of relatives. You’ll see one of them.

Saturday – the blazing cheeks on Saturday promise you fun. So don’t think about anything bad and just tune in.

Sunday – you can greatly to quarrel with someone from relatives people. If at this time you have some disagreement with someone, it’s best to face them.

The real reasons why burning cheeks

  • Emotional stress and excitement.
  • Hormonal change.
  • For women in menopause is characteristic of the so-called tides.
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure).
  • Allergic reaction. Use of alcohol. Medication.