Burnley FC vs Stoke City live streaming free: preview, prediction

Sport 4 April, 2017

Burnley FC vs Stoke City live streaming free
Forecast for Burnley-Stoke City match

April 4, 2017 at 21:45, the program of the 31 round of the English Premier League championship, opens a duel at the stadium “Terf Moore” in which Stoke City will come to the local Burnley.

Burnley FC vs Stoke City prediction
Most of the current season, Burnley was mixed with mixed results, where “burgundy” almost perfectly played in home games, but cardinally with the opposite result performed on the road. Nevertheless, over the last period Burnley’s results even in home games have deteriorated noticeably. The defeat in the last round of Tottenham 0: 2, was the third in the last five rounds, as a result, Burnley was already down 15th in the standings.

Burnley FC vs Stoke City preview
Stoke City remains a strong middle peasant English Premier League, which in order to ensure a hundred percent self-retaining registration, it remains to score 4 points. However, after a good fight in his field against Middlesbrough 2-0, as well as a dry draw at Etihad from Manchester City, the “potters” lost to Chelsea 1: 2 and in the last round at Leicester’s exit 2-0.

The results of the confrontation of these teams remain in favor of Stoke City, which also won in the first round, which ended in a confident victory of the “potters” in their field – 2: 0. For Burnley, Stoke City is not the most comfortable opponent, who was beaten in his native walls only three times. Stoke City has good anthropometric data, and therefore Burnley probably will not be sweet. Both teams come up with a series of setbacks, but unlike Stoke, who won the last game in early March, Burnley last won on January 31. Bid: X2