Byron has spent the summer training to become stronger

Sport 16 September, 2017

Photo: Ryan Remiorz, The canadian Press
Paul Byron has gone to great lengths in training during the summer, which he spent in Montreal.

Lovers of pools of hockey have probably noticed that many publications are hesitant to give as much points to Paul Byron that the 43 that he has accumulated in 2016-2017. As what for the quick and aggressive attacker of the Canadian of Montreal, the more things change, the more they stay the same.


Never mind, Byron has rather gone to great lengths over the summer, which he spent in Montreal. He was able to live the excitement of the Grand Prix of Canada F1 for the first time in his life. But above all, it has spent a lot of time in the gym to give more tone to his physique, in order to pass through the demanding schedule of 82 games.


“I trained five days per week with the fitness coaches of the team, and they have designed a training program to ensure I stay healthy and not suffer injuries during the season. The objective was not so much grow as become stronger to win more battles in one-on-one in the corner against defenders the likes of Shea Weber, and for that it is more difficult to get away from the puck, ” said Byron, who actually swing the scales at 162 pounds, compared to 158 a year ago.


Head coach Claude Julien has been witness to all the seriousness that Byron was devoted to his training, and finds that the skater of Ottawa is well prepared.


“I’ve come here a few times during the summer and I’ve seen this practice in Brossard. Paul is a guy who is able to evaluate himself. He sees what he has brought success, but also what gave him difficulty. No matter what we talked about at the end of the season, he had a good idea of what he wanted to do, and he was completely correct, ” said Julien during his press briefing on Friday afternoon.


An example of determination


Second scorer in the Canadian in 2016-2017, with 22, and only one other player after Max Pacioretty to have crossed this plateau within the team, Byron knows that he has delivered a performance above and beyond expectations last season. However, his thoughts during the between-season concentrated more on the end in a fish tail to the Habs than on his own exploits.


“The feeling of disappointment in April is probably the one area in which I have the most thought. That is what I would have done more for the series to be better ? What would we have done, as a team, to be the best ? To see the Senators beat the Rangers and move to a purpose of participating in the Stanley Cup final then we would have been able to be in their position… he listed. I think we would have been able to beat the Rangers, but in the end, they were better than us during the series, he added. The teams are so equal strength and, for this reason, it is important to know of the success at the right time. Unfortunately, we have not scored enough goals to reap the victories we needed. “


On a personal note, Byron does not hide that he would like to reproduce the statistics he has amassed in the last year. “I always set high expectations, even if people outside thought that I was nothing more than a player of the fourth trio. If I could reach again the plateau of 20 goals and earn a score of helpers, it would be a good year for me, ” says Byron.


Beyond simple statistics, Julien considers that Byron can help the team in many ways. “If he can give us 20 goals, I’ll take it. It can give us 30 and I’ll take those too ! launched Julian. Paul is able to give a lot, whether it be shorthanded, thanks to his skating and of his failure before. I want him to continue to believe in him as he has done in the last year. It can be used as an example of determination. “