Cafes in the United States offers to try the muffin vagina In the World : Vladim

News 8 March, 2018

Cafe in the American Tucson, bake cupcakes in the shape of a vagina. Pictures of unusual food appeared in Instagram.


Modernity increasingly happy people with new innovations and technologies, but the chefs catering The Dark Cafe in Tucson is still a bit shocked the audience. They offer customers of your cafe to try sweet cupcakes, made in the form of a vagina.

Probably such products are more like representatives of the stronger sex. However, the café menu includes cupcakes and penises. How popular they are among visitors and attendees is not known. Also not reported, as the chefs have come up with such a masterpiece of cookery. The cost of the muffin vagina is three dollars, and foreigners will have to pay for the road to Tucson, Arizona.