Cameras in NURSING homes: a poster that says it all

News 12 February, 2018
  • Archival Photos, QMI Agency

    VAT New

    Monday, 12 February, 2018 20:25

    Monday, 12 February, 2018 20:27

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    VAT News has put the hand on the poster that will reveal the minister responsible for Seniors on Tuesday in connection with the installation of surveillance cameras in NURSING homes.

    On the icon that will be installed and visible at the entry of the set of 415 NURSING of the province, we can read that”it is possible that monitoring mechanisms be installed by residents in their rooms.”

    Screenshot of VAT New

    The minister Francine Charbonneau will also be presenting a guide to the use of surveillance systems. This guide will explain what one must take into consideration the right to privacy of the residents, the needs of families to ensure the safety of their loved ones, the preservation of the reputation and professional relationship with the staff. It will also establish the tags: who can install and use surveillance, the installation conditions; will determine what is possible to capture or not, the rules for the preservation of records and the obligations of the institution.

    Each ltc facility shall designate a contact person who shall periodically evaluate the use of a camera. The families that will be filmed unacceptable situations will be able to refer the matter to the manager or to the police.