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Sport 12 November, 2016

cameroon-zambiaCameroon vs Zambia live streaming free
Forecast for the match Cameroon – Zambia


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November 12 at 18:00 Cameroon national team will take on their own field of Zambia team in the next match of the African stage of selection to the 2018 World Cup.

Cameroon vs Zambia preview
Cameroon national team played consistently at the world championships, being one of the strongest teams in the “black continent” of recent decades. In the previous round of selection Cameroon left behind Nigerian team – 3: 0, 0: 0. Start group for Cameroonians can also be called the best they have drawn away to the Algerian team 1: 1. And in general to 11 October 2015 Cameroon team held 17 meetings, 7 wins, 9 matches played in a draw and lost only 1 time the French team 2: 3. Play Cameroonians much in attack but also in defense in recent years began to act more stable.

Cameroon vs Zambia prediction
Zambia confidently beat Sudan playoff round 2: 0,1: 0, but it was back in 2015. The current year is simply disastrous for the Zambian team, she failed the selection of the CAS, taking only 3 in the not very strong group. In the opening match of the World Cup selection conceded in his field, Nigeria 1: 2, and indeed in 2016 in 15 matches was able to win 3 wins, 6 draws and just lost 5 matches. For the game in Cameroon, Zambia team fits with a series of four games without a win, losing to Namibia 0: 1, Nigeria 1: 2 and Zimbabwe 0: 1, and shared the points with Kenya.

Cameroon national team is undefeated contenders from Zambia since 1990, winning three games and once tied with Zambians after the defeat. Cameroon played at home, plus it looks good over the past year, can not be said about the team of Zambia, so hosts have to win this match if they want to enter the World Cup from this strong group. Rate: Cameroon team victory – A1.