Canada remains exposed to the attacks of”violent extremists”, according to Ralph Goodale

News 21 December, 2017
  • Photo Agence QMI, Guillaume St-Pierre


    Thursday, December 21 2017 17:33

    Thursday, December 21 2017 17:33

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    Canada is always under the threat of attacks by violent extremists”, arising out of or supporters of the group islamic State (EI), but also of the actions of members of the extreme right, said Thursday the minister of public Safety Ralph Goodale.

    After the shooting in a mosque in January, the death of Canadians in a terrorist attack in Burkina Faso”, or attack with a knife and with a vehicle this fall in Edmonton (west), Canada remains exposed to these facts perpetrated by extremists, says the annual report “on the terrorist threat to Canada”.

    “The main threats are inspired by an ideology of islamist violent terrorist groups”, such as the ARS and Al-Qaida, inviting them “to commit attacks in Canada,” according to the intelligence services.

    Individuals in Canada “to take part in terrorism-related activities”, according to the same source, who believes that there are “more than 190 extremists” abroad “who have links with Canada, particularly in Iraq and Syria”, but also in Turkey.

    According to the authorities, “a little more than 60 extremists have returned to Canada”, a workforce that has not evolved in recent months in spite of the loss by the ARS to its strongholds in Syria or Iraq.

    A majority of Canadians “who have returned from Turkey, Syria or Iraq to have participated in fighting” alongside jihadists, according to the report of the public Safety.

    In addition, “Canadians have been involved in terrorist activities in several countries, including Syria, Iraq and Algeria,” and “domestic extremists” have been providing assistance to “terrorist groups”, such as in Afghanistan or Somalia.

    It is, however, Syria and Iraq who “are currently home to the highest rate of domestic extremists”, according to the information.

    In Canada, individuals are being prevented from crossing the borders “to join groups in areas of conflict” are likely to “conduct attacks”, fears the department.

    The level of the terrorist threat is kept at “medium” in Canada since the death of two soldiers in separate attacks in October 2014, of which the most spectacular on Parliament hill in Ottawa.