Canada wants action to stem the violence by firearms

News 7 March, 2018
  • AFP

    Wednesday, march 7, 2018 19:10

    Wednesday, march 7, 2018 19:10

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    The canadian government was expected on Wednesday to take steps to stem the upsurge in violence by firearms, but also to strengthen the fight against criminal gangs.

    The public Safety minister Ralph Goodale has displayed its determination to “put an end to the scourge of violence related to firearms” and the activities of organized gangs.

    Firearms are the cause of more than one-third of all homicides in Canada, the latter having jumped by 40% in 2016, according to the latest data from the canadian institute of statistics.

    This increase is explained by the resurgence of the dead in the war of the bands in the most deprived neighbourhoods of two major cities of Toronto and Vancouver, a city where drugs are a plague.

    “The overall rates of crime in Canada are well below what they were a few decades ago, but the killings, the crimes committed using firearms and gang activity have been increasing,” said Ralph Goodale.

    “The number of homicides committed with firearms has almost doubled in the past four years, and more than half of them are associated with the gangs”, he assured.

    The federal government had on Wednesday in Ottawa, responsible for the security of the provinces and the police for a national conference.

    According to Ralph Goodale, the authorities have attempted to identify the “best practices in combating violence linked to guns and gangs”.

    Prior to the announcement soon of the “measures against firearms” and “criminal activities”, the government will unblock 327,6 million dollars over five years.