Canadian police played together from snow car In the World : Vladim

News 18 January, 2018

Canadians differ not only in their incredible politeness, but also, apparently, a sense of humor. It concerns certainly the 33-year-old Simon Laprise from Montreal, which played the law blindly out of the snow, full-size car and parked it off the road.


The purpose of jokes was originally snow cleaners, but Simon admitted that the draw due to the intervention of the cops was much funnier. Laprise admits that working as a wood Carver, because creativity is part of his profession. Initially, he over police joke wasn’t going to, but the situation turned in a different direction.

I concocted the car, wanted to have some fun and to please others, to add a little creativity to the day, “admits Simon.

The traffic police, apparently, took a snow sculpture for a real car and first attempted to write to the owner of the fine, but figured out what was going on and just laughed. As a result, they left Laprise a note, which stated that the man “made their night”.